Servers Not Responding

Pretty straightforward problem. None of the 800+ servers in the server list seem to be responding. I can see them, some have players actually on the server, but when I try to join, it says its not responding. I’ve joined games via following steam friends onto the servers, but so far I can’t find a working server.

I’m thinking it might have to do with something I did to Steam. Originally, when I got a new PC, I accidently put Steam on C drive, which isn’t the drive with the most space. Considering steam games take up a lot of room, I soon had no way of adding any more games to it. So I moved it to E drive, which has much more memory space. “Moved it” means I copy pasted the Steam folder, with the same file path and all (Program files, etc etc), but on E drive.

And I even uninstalled and reinstalled all Valve games (Which were the only ones that wouldn’t start). I don’t like the idea of having to reinstall all my Steam games just to reinstall Steam itself, via the installer, onto E drive. If there is an alternative reason, I would like to know. Assistance would be appreciated.