Servers Not Showing/Aren't Join-able (BUG)

FIXED (Turn’s out Rust is Blocked by AVG after the latest Update)

After the Recent Rust patch when opening rust and entering server list nothing comes up. All together 0 servers across the entire game.
Then when trying to join of a friend it says the server is full, Yet there is another 200+ slots there.

What I’ve Tried:

  • Reset Router
  • Reset Computer
  • Reinstalled Rust
  • Done the update multiple times

This glitch/Bug/Error has only just started with the latest update. Other games on steam are working fine. (Tested CS:GO and ARK)
PC Specs, incase they have any impact:

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K
RAM: DDR3 16gb
OS: Windows 8.1

Same Problem here.

AVG Firewall is now blocking server refresh.

Check your Firewall TJAC.

Rust.exe was set to allow
RustClient.exe was set to block (automatically set)

Set both to allow, problem solved.

Just did that as soon as you posted. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: