Servers not working

Hello Facepunch!

I am new to Facepunch and have a question regarding Gmod. I am unable to connect to any server in multi player.
Heck, no severs even show up! I’ve been trying to do all that hlds updater and stuff but my dumb dad has UAC enabled and will never type in his password. I have internet connection and everything but I still do not see the problem. I get the error “Disconnected after 4 tries” whenever I connect via steam. Please help!

Do you have a firewall exception?

Not quite sure what that is…

If you launch Gmod for the first time, it should have popped up window, saying: ‘hl2.exe want to have access to the internet’, or something like that. If you click the button to release the block, you can play. If you don’t have the password, that might be the problem.

That never happened when the game first started up…

C’mon I really need some help!