Servers Part 21 - Logging back in

Holy shit, two years of making no Servers and focusing on other comics like TF2O and L4DO? Oh god.
Catch up on the plot and characters here!

Right click and view image on each page in order to read it FULL SIZE! Also, some of the dialogue in this comic won’t make sense. My fault.

Author’s Notes:

  • During the duration of the two years, Servers had decreased in quality and things like that whilst I was making comics (where some of those select comics turned into classics for some reason). Now I’m pulling all of the stops and the next comic will come out next week.
  • The next comic will be more action packed, have the same type of editing layout similar to the TF2O comics.
  • The reason why this is the old editing is because the screenshots are also two years old and so is the layout. I just haven’t gotten around to finishing the dialogue.
  • Dirtydaiper helped me on editing the decapitation for me.
  • Yes, Bravo 2 is cynical and lovable.
  • I’m planning a aggressive ad campaign that is similar to the ads from Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and it will usually rag tag Michael J. Clements (having him or anyone else associated with them replying to my ads is a bonus).

Holy shit, those were alot of panels.
I liked the prologue part, in the APC view :stuck_out_tongue:

The comic was nice but some connections between the panels were weird and hard to understand :confused:


Also, it’s nice to see you’re back into “the biz”.

HUGE comic! And AWESOME too. :slight_smile:

Say, where can I get that model of the APC with interior?

Looking good dude, glad to see this back.