Servers Part 22 - Coastal Damage

Action. Comedy. Violence. And making fun of their competitor/enemy. That sounds like the bad boys of Bad Compan- whoops, wrong series.

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Super-Fun Facts!

  • Development time: Six to Ten months. Laziness meter: High.
  • There has been two references regarding Michael J. Clements and another “user.” Find out who!
  • Yes, I know some of my photoshop skills are shitty.
  • Yeah, it was delayed by eight days due to school time and work.
  • Some of the frame colors look out of place. My fault, I was testing the Auto Color tool.
  • Yes, my photoshop skills suck ass so much, I had to get someone to do the first RPG fire.
  • I swear to god, I am going to kill the fucker who hacked Filesmelt for no reason.

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needs more tanks


Pages don’t load for me…

When the good stuff gets released, FileSmelt fucks up the day

A lot of the original comics are missing. Where they were originally uploaded has deleted them.

No, filesmelt just sucks.

I mean in season 1.

Will reupload them (and fix that entire page) by the weekend.


GREAT COMIC “usai’mgay”

didn’t read because they don’t load~

Shit, I wanna read this.

filesmelt is gone or something i think.

By this Saturday hm?

I’m working on another project.

EDIT: and now it’s back up (with some shitty cropping.) Fucking finally.

Excellence, my good lad. :buddy:

Poor Bravo 2. :saddowns:

Didn’t get the story, but the comic looks great, nice work!

If I may offer some critique, the story seems more funny but the comic looks strangely serious, I might be wrong though. I haven’t read the rest of the series, yet.

Is this the same Bravo 2 from P.A.N.I.C.S.? He was awesome.

Season 3 takes a more direct approach to seriousness, but keeps some comedy in it. Think of it like Bad Company 2, but without a shitty twist.

And no, it isn’t Bravo 2 from PANICS (it’s a completely different person), although there has been some inspiration from that machinima.

Hehehe cool, you actually knew who I was talking about :smiley: