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Welcome to the EU server.

What you need to know about this server?!

  1. We have load’s of fun.

  2. 4 Event system: Climb down,PvP arena,King Maze, PvP airdrop. ( but that’s not all events :slight_smile: )

  3. Server have 3 Admins Mr.Christmas, Baltic Protex, prodani. This dudes will help you with any problem; Hackers online; server bug problem.

  4. Server is VAC secured.

  5. Air Drops are set on min players 1, droping 3 drops every in-game day.

  6. Server is running on Rust++ mod.

  7. Craft is set on 0.5 (so it means that it’s half)

  8. Server will be 24/7 online & Admin will visit server every 1-2h. (or you can contact them in skype)

  9. Server have starter kits.

  10. Tip for Newble players by entering server you can type “/help” command.

To join this server you need to do only 2 things (Press F1 in console, you need to enter this —> net.connect <— and your fun will start)