Servers still crashing after recent "patch"

I’ve updated all of my servers & my DarkRP server is still crashing.
I’ve updated DarkRP & ULX aswell, and I don’t have wiremod.

Anyone else’s servers still crashing after this “patch”?

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Server has crashed 3 times since I made the original post.

5 times.

Yep, it’s happening to me as well. And to the people who say that most posts about this are uninformative, that may be true but that’s because there’s no way to detect what is causing the crashes. No errors printed in console and SRCDS crash dumps don’t tell you anything useful.

This patch may have fixed part of the problem (not sure), but it didn’t fix the server crashing issue at all. My server was running fine for a solid 7-8 hours with 20 players today until it crashed in the evening, restarted, then almost immediately crashed again with only a few people on.

The SRCDS dumps are only useful if you actually give them to the devs, they won’t be very helpful to the generic user. Post them in the next update thread and they’ll most likely look at them.

Same for me.

Mine has also been “Crashing”. It is giving everyone in the server the auto disconnect message at random times but the server isn’t really crashing. There are no lua errors and there is no dump file.

Hey im looking at the similar problems on my Mac, the difference is I crash on any gamemode + when using certain items, only way to play is on really low settings.

Been running a custom gamemode for 2 years. Crashes about every 5-50 minutes since the new update. Has crashed over 60 times since the update, opposed to usually only crashing 60 times in 6 months.

Seems like we know the cause of it, seen a post by Robotboy655 saying it will be fixed soon. It’s related to a networking function.

There are many different crashes:

  • Awesomium crash on OSX
  • Another unrelated crash on OSX (segmentation fault - could be the below issue)
  • The networking related crash
  • Gmod on Linux won’t start at all since 9th of March due to uncaught SIGTRAP
  • Gmod on Linux won’t start at all since 9th of March due to segfault (if you filter out the SIGTRAP).

Still having this error, tried installing 2 different “patch” scripts I found & both just broke it even more.
I’ve sent 50+ crashdumps to the dev(s), I doubt this will ever be fixed, but I guess i’ll just keep waiting.

I’m still suffering from random crashes as well, doesn’t seem like the devs are paying much attention to this problem.

From what i’ve seen & heard they’re denying the issue completely.
It’s been 2-3 weeks since they broke it, it shouldn’t take this long to fix a mistake.

Does disabling all your addons stop the crashing?
If so, blame your addon authors for broken code.

My server has not had these “crashes” since the update.

I also still have crashes. And it was fine before the recent big update.

its not the addons, i revised all the code of my addons and made updates where necessary.
Server still keeps crashing, seems you are just a lucky one of the few

Do they even test the patches before rolling them out? Certainly doesn’t seem so.

It may or may not be the addons, but either way i’m not disabling ALL my addons just to stop crashes, I shouldn’t have to

My buddy who’s also had the issue removed all his addons & it was still crashing, it’s not up to us to fix it ourselves, it’s up to the gmod “devs”

Also I revised all of my addons to work with the update, it shouldn’t be crashing at all.

I am also having this issue, we get 30-40 people on just to have it crash for 0 reason. We have deleted a lot of addons, installed some anti cheats, disabled lua injections and are being strict about PAC but it just keeps shutting down for no reason, not even a word in the console. So I hope this is fixed soon we cant afford 2-3 crashes a day :frowning:

installing anti cheats won’t affect crashes, and if anything has the chance of making it more likely

They tested this for almost a full year. It’s people like you who don’t use the dev branch that never report any issues to the Gmod devs for the next update. Can you really expect a group of 2-5 people to test out every possible situation of a massive lua library on every OS? No they may try their best to but they still rely on the community to use that dev branch and report any issues to the GitHub.