Servers that crash/restart randomly

This always annoys me, servers that have a defined restart time really gets annoying as it is pointless if there’s no problem, and for servers that crash allot, GET A NEW SERVER. But there’s times “If the server doesn’t get you, your computer will”. like one time I was running a successful pawn shop and no reason nor warning, I crashed, losing all of my showcased stuff.

Note, I’m on a Mac and it’s bigger then the tv on my desk with great preformace.

The reason they crash so often is because the Source Engine is being made to do things it wasn’t built for. Yes, it was supposed to have great physics, but it wasn’t meant to handle a ton of moving props, so many different tools and weapons, modifications, etc.

Gmod is putting as much stress on the Source Engine as is putting Windows 7 on a mid-range computer from 1995 sometimes with how much shit goes on in an average server.

tl;dr: Gmod in itself pushes the limits of the Source Engine and that’s the reason it’s so unstable.

There wasn’t much, just a make shift shop, freezed, with a few stuff laying about, no much to cause, well, anything.

They can still randomly crash for no reason just because… Well just because.
There’s always a reason, just sometimes reasons we can’t see on our side(s).

Mine only crashes when my GSP decides to play pranks on me

There are many things that cause servers to crash for no reason, most of the time its what the players are doing, as mentioned above the source engine was not designed for a game like this not to mention GMod itself becomes unstable with all the 3rd party addons. A lot of players expect the server to run perfectly even though they have a moving contraption with over 50 props or they attach 500 guns to their ship on SpaceBuild and fire them…etc Like I said there are many reason they crash and yes it can be very annoying but that’s why we tell everyone to “Save Often!

As for getting a “New” server, it wont matter for the most part. In our experience we have had GSP’s and we have home hosted and its all the same.

Most server crashes are either from the model cache limit or exploit/prop spam these days. (or 3rd party scripts/code).

To come to it, there was a server with a cache limit.