Servers that start you with guns, anyone have an IP?

I would have posted this in the rust server subforum, but that is for advertising. I searched through about 10 pages before I gave up.

Can anyone link a server that starts with guns, so I can enjoy some of that please?

wow, that would be so boring to play :S

Yeah it is

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Well, actually that servers got a good community, very helpful to noob’s an it does level the playing field from the get go, when everyone’s got m4’s an leather armor. That said, I like the initial scrabble to hunt food, resources etc while staying alive long enough to get established an not knowing who’s where or got what. But in the end it’s the guy’s on each server that make the game enjoyable or not. Iv’e met some good folk here an there an some assholes too, Rust sure seems to bring out the best an worst in people. Dig the game tho whatever goes down