Servers that upload Content Packs vs Servers that have Addons individually

So I’m going to be making my own server, and I’m not sure on what I should do. I know some servers use Content Packs, while others just use the actual workshop uploads instead of repackaging them. What one is ideally better?

Personally I’m against the use of “Content Packs” unless said content packs just house content that was specifically made, or edited for your server. Because most of it boils down to what seems like theft, as you take addons already on the workshop that are not yours and pretty much reupload them. I thrown together a pro/con list, and I’m still not sure what to do.

“Content Packs”
Many workshop items are now just one or two workshop items, giving a placebo affect of “downloading less”
Will not break if the author of a workshop addon you use decides to change something
If an addon is removed from the workshop for any reason, you still have use to it
Requires updating on your part, extracting all the GMAs your server uses and then repackaging them for the Content Pack
Sometimes you may need to reduce the size of textures, causing lower quality of the addons, and may even end up overwriting the true addon
Technically theft

Workshop Addons
Using the addons the real author uploaded, no worry of guilt
Always up to date
Don’t have to worry about content packs, and how much room they’ll take up on your Workshop
Players will complain of downloading so much junk just to use your server
Updates may end up breaking some features of a server
If an item gets removed, you lose it

By “Content Packs” you mean compilations of workshop addons?

I find these to be really annoying as they are not always used to send resources, but also Lua files for the server. Due to this some servers end up with old, potentially buggy, versions of my addons.

Workshop Addons are fine as an alternative to content packs, the only difference is that you’ll have a few more HTTP requests. Nothing bad.

I prefer to see servers using FastDL as it reduces the amount of content you end up downloading multiple times due to servers sending content via lots of different workshop uploads or even the game just downloading the same workshop addon multiple times for no reason.
This annoys me to a level high enough that I actually disable workshop downloads.

If you mean compilations as in one workshop file, and not a collection, then yes. If not, I mean people taking stuff off the workshop, and uploading everything together, on the workshop.

Say like Server A uses Workshop Addon 1, 2, 3. Instead of linking to them, Server A extracts Addon 1, 2, and 3. They then combine them, and then reupload on the workshop as a “Server Pack”, not even crediting the original addons.

I’ve done content packs before on my serer, but it sometimes messes up the directories with all the files inside and can be a cluster fuck to be honest. Just be careful when doing it.