Servers that you miss.

I made this thread because a lot of my favorite communities are dying, like Mr. Green’s Zombie Survival
Some others that have already died are Gmod Tower and Jo the Schmo’s Minigames.

So, that brings me to my question for you. What servers, gamemodes, or communities do you miss?

My first home server, {GMA} HolyDrink. This was back in 2005 I’d say, some time after the last version of 9 came out. The server owner, Holy Drink, taught me a shit load, as did the other members which included Caramon Noobslayer. It was years after the server died that I figured out GMA stood for Garry’s Mod Anonymous. I never saw Holy Drink again.

Shortly after GMod went retail, I found a new home server, MunkEE’z or something like that. I was fairly involved there and had low-level admin access. But, MunkEE had some family issues and that community went too.

I haven’t really been as involved since then. Good times, though!

Late night spacebuild I can’t remember the name of
2009 was good
good like 4 in the morning good
and then I went on a few months ago and found out it was revived
but everyone there is pretty much an asshole

Yeah, everyone left for SeriousRP, semi-seriousRP, alphaRP, DarkRP, BananaRP, OrangeRP, RPRP, PERP 666, PALP 2, and a few other RP games

*Gaming. Best PERP servers ever(In my opinion)

Man do I miss the simple ZS.

Yeah, there are way to many “addons”. I liked it when you started with a random pistol and needed X amount of kills to get the next weapon and only few people had hammers.
Mr. Green’s server is still around, but this is only a max of like 6 people on at a time.

Redd’s RP, was the only good Dark RP server I’d played on. I even got admin after a while, used to always be full. It’s a shame it fell apart after a couple years.

Gmod Tower back in 2009, first 2 months of it. Good times. It was great before MacDGuy, the creator, started making everyone with an anime avatar admin, you couldn’t go a couple minutes without being slayed.

Guys, I have two dedicated servers that I bought awhile ago, and I would be glad to set up some servers that you would like to see. Here’s the specs, I wont be telling the complete specs:

Dedicated Server #1
CPU: 2.6 GHz
OS: Windows Server 2008

Dedicated Server #2
CPU: 2.4 GHz
OS: Windows Server 2008

The dedicated servers is completely setup for carrying some servers BUT I haven’t sent them to the Data Center yet. I will in a few weeks so they will have 100 Mbit / sec access.

Please tell me what you want and I’ll prepare it right now. Currently, the Dedicated Servers is at my home -.- but I can still set everything up for when I’ll send them away.

Please provide all links needed for the gamemode/addon and I’ll do it asap.

Even though it’s not exactly GMod…

DaTwinkle Gaming in CS1.6 back in Late 05, Cause4Alarm in CS 1.6, Eagles At War in DoD…

All great groups. I believe C4A is still up, but they don’t really have much players passing the 1.6 server anymore.
If anything I miss in Garry’s Mod… I miss the old SGC Naval Play when everything was pretty much open game. So naive back in Mid’ 08. Other then that I’ve been somewhat a caravan story teller from boom-town Dark RP servers.

I’ll be truly honest with this though, I really do miss Pulsar Effect. Two well moderated PERP servers, and the only thing to really worry about was doing some dumb /me… Good times.

I had such a good time with my organization on PERP, i remember we took over the entire lower part (from the tunnel to the suburbs) of evocity v2.

What I miss: Mad Cows Vassalage.
Oh wait, I only miss my £10 from that server.

The servers I miss are the ones that didn’t run DarkRP or variants (LightRP, Cider etc.), where you HAD to develop your roleplaying skill. And GMod Tower before Mac ended up drop-kicking the admin’s powers as well as Admin Jetpacks. I think it was unfair that what he said had to go would go.

Jo the schmo 's server died on april but Jo gave it to a guy called Loucouss who updated this gamemode until september/october. After that he posted the gamemode on facepunch
GMT was god until he changed gmt coins to garrybux ,after this everything went wrong

Most servers from GmodWorld, expecially DogFight.

Yeah, and Loucouss gave up and now someone called Doubleedge from DarkerGaming runs it now.
Just a quick example of what it looks like:

The Jukebox is gone :suicide:
It was replaced by this radio thing.

Sassilization Lobby and RTS, Nuff Said.

I miss the old spacebuild servers, the ones from 2006 or something - i loved blowing up other people with fusion generator nukes

The ones that had this effect:

I’m remaking this, server will be up soon

Thanks To Jargen ofc

Hosted by Jargen cough cough ^^

Edit: I miss the Convict Gaming DarkRP server, was minge free and hell of a lot of fun. Shame im now permabanned from it and the server is gone by the looks of it