Servers went down. Lost crafting mats.


When the server went down multiple times earlier today I had alot of mats on crafting queue.

About 10k sulfur and charcoal for GP, and ALOT of GP for C4…

Its gone now. Can someone explain? Thats one week of farming… its retarded.



Shit happens.

That sucks man but really you only have yourself to blame for losing so much material. Next time craft in smaller increments so that if you DC somehow the damage is minimized.

I dc’ed earlier and then all my mats was in my inventory. Every time DC has happened I have gotten it back. How could I possibly imagine that this was going to happen?

Servers crash, servers get DDoS’d and updates hit. I would just heonestly craft in much smaller increments. Also, if you play on a server with an active admin(think rustafied) you will get a warning most the time if the server is intentionally brought down.

thats too bad. usually the ressources go back in your inventory when you get disconnected, but maybe a bug remains where the crafting queue are lost when its the server that reboot. as it probably doesnt save people’s crafting queue, and it doesnt regive the items when it shuts down. sucks but thats life.

and the other guy who said its your fault for crafting too much… obviously never played in a large group where you have multiple chests full of sulfur that needs to be processed. sometimes i had 6 to 8 hours of crafting queue at once. you can’t just “craft 200 gunpowder and come back later”. you process it by the thousands.