Servers wiped?

All my stuff is gone :frowning: Days of building for nothing…Anybody else is the same boat?

Servers are wiped regularly, get used to it :slight_smile:

lol great…

wait!?! can you guys confirm??? that you didn’t get raided and they did get wiped?

I’m fairly sure that the servers were wiped. Had it been a raid id still have some stuff.I had multiple buildings all over the map and stuff stored.

the patch has corrupted some saved files for servers. Check to see if you can still craft stuff you shouldn’t be able to if it was wiped. If you can then you know the save file is messed up.

Well the server I host still had everything up, nobody lost stuff. That was about 2 hrs ago when I logged last.

I have nothing left to craft with.I’m naked again!

Yeah, all my buildings have been wiped off the map. Oddly, I still have my items and am in the same location I logged off in.

Count yourself lucky then…I lost everything and have no clue where i am on the map!

I know my community server didn’t get wiped

awesome! time to start fresh
quit your whining

yeah nothing like it being EXPLICITLY stated when you buy the game and on every single faq…

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welcome to alpha, also the server wipes happen when the server admins want them to

some seem to have had world wipes (just buildings not you char+blueprints etc.) while others got full wipes. they are going to happen randomly and frequently, this is why its an alpha, if you dont like it don’t play until release

Are you sure the map was wiped? It sounds like someone just killed you while you were offline.

The last update didn’t cause a community wide wipe, as our server is still up and running with everything as it was.

you dont know… our server is up!? NICE!!!

Servers didn’t Require wiping for the update, It’s possible your Server Admin wiped.
That or the admin never turned the server off, and due to not playing your shit decayed.