Servers with multiple threads

I did my searching and found no information on this.

Do you know (or do you think) Source 2 and/or S&box will support multiplayer servers using more than ONE thread? On Garry’s Mod and other Source 1 multiplayer servers, only one thread of a CPU can be used and this severely limits how much can be happening at the same time server-side.

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from the latest devblog


Do note that addons/gamemodes will be able to leverage multithreading, but you likely would have to run anything game related on the main thread (i.e. moving an entity, creating or destroying one etc).


I don’t want to be the guy like the guys in the stackoverflow memes that are douchy cause of questions, so don’t take this as hostile, just as a friendly reminder. This has been asked multiple times before. Just write “multithreading” in the search function and you’ll find multiple threads on it.


I must be terrible at searching

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