Servers Won't Load

I cannot get into ANY Servers. Official or Community. None.

It loads very little and then the application starts to not respond and it freezes.

I have a Mac OSX

I just purchased this game and I would really love to play it. Anyone have any advice?

East cost Server are Currently Down

Okay, I do live in the east coast… so is there any way for me to play right now or will I have to wait? Thanks for the reply.

Try Reboot ur steam because all server is working execpt the east

Ok, I will do that and if nothing works I will come back. Thank you!

No Problem

It’s doing the same thing. It goes to “waiting for character” in the loading screen and then my computer says the Application Is Not Responding and I’m stuck here! :frowning:

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I tried going into the UK server or whatever with only like 90 something people

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I have to Force Quit every single time.

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I haven’t even seen the inside of the game, I’m getting very frustrated.

turn down all your settings to the lowest and make sure you turn grass off with grass.on false

Try verifying the cache files on steam for the game.

Ok, that worked. I actually got into the game! thank you. it’s very slow but i can deal