3 years ago, I found Minecraft.
After one week, I created a server for me and my friends to play on.

3 years later, I am no longer really playing Minecraft, but I still find it a very enjoyable game, because I still have my server.
I find and have found being the admin of that server more fun that the game itself.

So my question is whether the server software will be uploaded some day, allowing us to create and host our own servers.
If this would be done soon, it’d eliminate all the trouble with the keys as well.


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Seeing how the maker of this game made G-Mod and that game has servers, once this game hits official release, I could see support for player ran servers.

Of course there will be…a very long way down the line

To tell you why I would like this to be possible and to convince people, if possible (especially Gary, if he ever comes here).

Ahhh, now that is great news.

Thank you very much for this answer.

honestly, i can’t get a read on servers or not

the plan might be a eve online style game, where everyone is on the same server

I usually like for server software to be available to everybody, but I think that would be a bad idea for this game because it’s an mmo and there should be hundreds to thousands of people on one server.

Quite possible

From Garrys Post about how he wants the game on a blog of his. Its going to be like Battlefield servers where you rent them when the game is out. You would not own one because he doesnt want people get millions of guns and taking them back to public servers and killing people. But with renting servers you can disable some features for example PVP hurting, so players cant kill each other.

I hope not, that would destroy this game, I mean absolutely ruin it.

You have a point there, but maybe the ticket system currently used for users could move up a level to server admins?

What I like about Minecraft servers so much, is that no other servers interfere with yours.
With Bukkit (server mod) one can choose out of a great amount of plugins to add to his/her server, shaping your server to your ideas.
I was rather disappointed when I found out how Battlefield’s system worked and I never got a server for it.

I think if servers would be player - hosted,then some of them would change loot spawn,develop hacks etc on their server,so in order to prevent exploits,I don’t think this is a good idea…

I wouldn’t want all items to be stored cross-server. I agree that that would be a bad thing.
What I want is each server to be on its own, as that is most fun for the admin.

Possibly with mods/plugins it’d be possible to link up several servers though.

And to everyone giving the “dumb” rating to all the posts, could you please say a tad more than that?
I find it a bit dumb to just scream a post dumb without giving any reasons, as it leaves no room for a nice argument and neither you nor I get the chance to defend, add or attack a stand.

I reckon if the servers were done something like Tribes Ascend, how you can only rent servers, not actually own your own one, than you can just link your account (maybe a few of them) as an admin, than you can just change settings and stuff, and that would help (in my opinion) with the whole hacking thing, and you could change the PvP settings, how many animals there are. etc, etc.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, Please feel free to refine the idea.

Garry talks about server rentals a little bit in this blog post. He mentions them being hosted through specific companies and managed by Facepunchstudios.
So most likely, you can’t host a server on your own. You’ll probably rent it through, and it’ll probably have cross-server saving.

That certainly takes all the fun away from hosting a server, in my opinion.
The fun part about being admin of a server, is that you are god, you can create, decide and alter everything. There are some plugins Bukkit (Minecraft server mod) that allow you to even alter the laws of physics.

Take all that away, and you’re just wasting money for being a low-ranked demigod, who has no real powers besides kicking and banning players from your realm.

In a while, Spout will hit beta.
Spout is a servermod for Minecraft as well, but it also comes with a client; Spoutclient.

with Spout and Spoutclient you can really edit everything; You can add or edit mobs, items, ores etc, you name it and it’ll be most certainly possible, and if it isn’t, it can be made possible.

That is how being admin of a server is fun, that is what makes me want to play a game.