All i hear time after time in the forums lately is the following.

Whhhhaaaaa whhhaaaa whhhha private servers this private servers that and how they are killing the game.

This is not the case the without the communities renting and hosting the server that are out there the game couldn’t possibly expand.

The devs do not want to have to deal with the requests of everyone saying ban this player and that player also the sheer cost of having servers hosted would be too great.

What i would propose is to stop the sale of servers and only open the sale backup when the demand for it is needed(numbers to be decided by the devs).

are there too many servers out there? Yes

is this a problem? slightly

what you should concentrate on is joining a high pop server ie the bmrf server from what i saw had a steady population.

people who rent servers which they use for admin only priv’s will soon die down as people have said they don’t want to play with bad admins.

Maybe another solution is a rating system in the browser if you like the rate it again for the devs to decide.

Stopping playing because you don’t like the private servers is just pathetic imho yes and it’s your choice and it’s other peoples choice to not play on a server and buy their own if they don’t like playing with KOS ass Hats .

It works both ways

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Did this really need a thread made? Just comment in the thread if you want to whine and complain.

You really are an idiot. People are saying they don’t want private servers since the population spreads across them and then every server gets like no players, this then causes players to leave as they are bored of not having people to play with/against. They don’t want them removed because they are getting banned etc. They want them removed due to the fact they are ruining the game itself by reducing the player base on every server, maybe read into one of the threads before you start crying about it.

I think part of the confusion is that people conflate “private vs official” with “too many vs. just right”.

Private servers aren’t the reason there are too many servers per se. Allowing every Tom, Dick, and Harry hosting company to add however many servers they can sell is. I suppose people go straight to ‘if there were only official servers, there’d be fewer servers’, but making it about official vs private instead of too many vs just right invites people to make arguments that are irrelevant to that argument, like ‘admins are abusers.’

Maybe you should read my thread i as you have clearly not i never once mentioned people not wanting private servers because they were getting banned

This thread is stupid , they are not going to remove private servers. The empty ones will die out since the people renting them will simply stop renting them since nobody plays on their shitty server.

There will be a few popular private servers and the majority of players will play on the official ones.

again people not reading the op as it seems there is code in the works to segregate official and private servers

look in next version card

Sorry I actually agree with you. Sorry, I am on iphone and I pressed disagree! Fml!

Comment in the other thread where they just tell you that you’re wrong you mean? Now why would anyone want to avoid a thread like that?

It’s fine, shit happens to me time to time when I am on my phone.

Have you ever thought… Hmmm why did they get banned??

I banned 37 people on my server and had over 700 people joining and leaving… We have an average of 79 people online every time.

Reason why I banned then: cheating, exploiting, racism, grieving, etc.

You should ask them next time and say why did they get instead of making this thread.

You mean to tell me you ban people because they broke into your base that was made from spawned in crap? “grieving” is a main feature of the game. Sounds like minecraft might be more of your style of game. Sounds like you might be one of those abusive admins :L I bet at least 25 of those bans were for no good reason.