Plz add in Normal Rust in server finding ‘NO russians’ I want to found normal Europ or other country server , i can’t All server is Joinrust or RUS
Have fun :slight_smile:

We have just started a new FUN server everyone is welcome (strickly no cheatig or ban)

Active Admins
Starter kit
Remove tool
X3 Gather

some console commands + many more

/list … …for list of players on server
/starter …starter kit
/help…for help with commands
/fhelp…for help with faction commands
/flist …faction list
/share “name” …door share
/finvite “name”…invite a player to faction
/remove …removes your building parts
/fconfig home faction true…set your home for your factoion
/fhome …to teleport faction players back to there home

hit f1

turn of grass … / grass.on false

to show …/ping

Why not have some FUN guys

presumably a legacy server since grass off is no longer an option in experimental.

I have just switched my server over to experimental howndoesbadmin work rcon isn’t working for me anybody know?

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How does admin*

No Decay is a worst case szenario