so just woundering, is there any servers that has players make vehicles, like cars trucks ect, that also has good vehicle addons such as jojo’s wheels, steering wheels ect.
i know about ZP’s and Sax’s servers… but is there any other ones?


Nodex has their ECS, which is really good.

There fixed that for you. There’s like 3 guys I can stand that plays on nodex, Generic, Kee-Wee and Wenli. Gibbo vouched for someone called Hatred methinks. Rest are pretty much spawn my shit and kicking me for telling them that it wasn’t meant for having a bunch of GDX or GCX on it. Either that or LOLOLOL PERSON RESIZER TOOL LOLOLOL.

Hangouts I’d recomend would be like you said SS, then the goon public; GGG - Tokshnet or something like that, or the nodex servers when one of the 4 above guys are there.

Hatred is a chump. Wenli is Nodex and Gibbo is a fool.


I kid;

Saxserver US
The Bergen Build

GGG. They have acf2.

Oh and sax servers. They are the best. They have regular acf.

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Sax and GGG-Tokshnet are great servers. I like them even more that they have acf2 and acf. But they are usually empty. Leaving you lonesome and sometimes bored.

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