Does anyone have the compiled serversecure3.dll? Gives up too many errors when i compile it. (will pay if you can because im in desperate need of it)

A couple people have requested this, I’ll compile it for win32 when I get home if no one supplies a dl link / compiles it by then.

If you could put it on that would be cool.

I have it compiled here. I haven’t anything set up to test plugins, so I don’t know if it works, the sigs could very well be out of date.

lua_run require(“serversecure3”)
> require(“serversecure3”)…

[ERROR] lua_run:1: Couldn’t find function in library!

  1. require - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - lua_run:1

serversecure3 is a server plugin not a gmod module.
So you need to load it with a vdf file.

Such as by placing serversecure3.dll in a folder called serversecure3 in your addons directory.
and making a vdf file called serversecure3.vdf and placing it in your addons folder with the contents

	"file"	"../garrysmod/addons/serversecure3/serversecure3.dll"

Restarting your server and checking it has loaded it by using:
In the server console, and if it is has loaded ok you will see:

Thanks >>oubliette<< but the plugin is loaded and still getting hit with the NET_GetLong attacks. Any other ideas?