Serverside and Clientside - Problem Solving help.

Hello Facepunch,

I’ve recently been noticing that when people either make these terrific addons, or even while watching gLua tutorials on YouTube, I always find that when people use ‘FindMetaTable(…)’, why is it as an example they’ll the majority of the time make this serverside, and example would be doing ‘ply:addMoney()’, that obviously has to be a serverside function right?

My concern here is, the wiki does state it is a shared function, so doesn’t this mean; at all times when you’re using this function always use it in shared?.

Could someone please correct me upon this, because I don’t understand if it has to be, shared or not, is it just optional depending on what the function will actually do?

Thank you, I appreciate all your help…

No, FindMetaTable is a utility function that helps you create new functions for a player. By itself, it does nothing.

If a function is shared, that just means it can be used both server side and client side. There may be times you have to call the function on both states, but it’d explicitly tell you to do so (e.g.