Serverside character stops responding to movement inputs.


Asus p5k
intel e6600
2 gigs gskill ddr800 ram
geforce 9600gt
have tried 3 nics (onboard, wireless, and another wireless)

Did a fresh install of windows to try to solve this issue.
Updated all relevant drivers.

So, I begin playing and I get about approximately 3-8 minutes of play before my character (unbeknownst to me) stops responding to my movement commands. I can still attack, build, and otherwise function, but what I am doing on my XYZ axis is not relayed to my character, and therefore he does not respond. From my perspective I can wander about the map, exploring Radiated areas, peoples bases, or anything else for this matter.

I could also scout an enemies base (from my perspective I am still actively receiving all information of what is going on within the server) I can see what other people do, and what the npcs are doing.

This bug is exploitable although I have no interest in exploiting it, but I would appreciate it if the developers could potentially find a workaround, or patch the issue.


My roommates computer, wired to the same modem NEVER has this bug, it appears to be a windows xp, or hardware issue.

That’s the de-sync issue ^

Already a known issue.

Already a known issue, that’s good to know.
Is there a work around?

Apparently setting your router to DMZ mode helps.

But I’ve had it once before and i use wired - DMZ mode. During that time though my ISP were having network issues, so i am not sure what caused it.

I use Win 8.1 though, it could be an issue with xp? Try win7 or something to see if that gets rid of it.