Serverside Concommand?

There might be a simple approach to these but I can’t think of a way…

Basically, I have this code:

local SirenSpots = {Vector(5.5, -50.05, 300.05), Vector(-5.040039, -5.506348, 585.4), Vector(3.84, -60.8041, 5.34)}

function SirenEnable()
for k, v in pairs(SirenSpots) do
WorldSound(‘sirens/siren.mp3’, v, 150, 100);
timer.Create( “Sirens”, 20, 0, SirenEnable); – loops sound
concommand.Add(“SirenOn”, SirenEnable);

When the command is run, only the person who typed “SirenOn” in the console can hear the siren sounds… is there a way to add a concommand that will play for everyone?

I know that replacing the concommand.Add with a timer will work for everyone… but I’m wondering if theres a way to get it to work via a command in the console… oh and its in a shared file.

Then force it to be run by the server.

Alright so use if (SERVER) then ?