Serverside death ragdoll (collides with props, etc)

Proper Death Ragdoll
When you die, you will create a ragdoll that actually collides with stuff (just like a normal ragdoll)

This simple addon creates a colliding ragdoll when you die, rather then a clientside one that goes through everything except the world. You can disable it by typing sv_con_ragmod 1/0 into your console.


Your death ragdoll will collide with props.[/media]

I died in a storage cart.

Here goes my body down a slope.


Thanks for this, but hasn’t this been done already?

It’s been done numerous times, but this one may be better. I made that one in the prime of my lua coding learning.

Looks great, however, why does it use networked variables when it’s serverside only?

The networked variables are to see if the player has a ragdoll or not.

There probably is a much better way to do it, but I’m still learning lua. Any tips though would be appreciated! :smile:

Networked variables should only be used when you want the stuff to be accessable clientside. Otherwise you can just do like
“playerentity.hasragdoll = true”
“playerentity.ragdoll = entity”

then to get them, you do
“if playerentity.hasragdoll == true then”

Oh, awesome. I’ll update it now!

can you add npc death ragdoll fix?

ai_keepragdolls 1?

in this addon this cvar not exists, and i know about what addon you say and for my server its not working.

Its not an addon, its a default console command in garrysmod.

And what do you mean by “in this addon this cvar not exists”?

Oh, then I missed this command), thanks.

About “in this addon this cvar not exists” - never mind now)

update: hm, not work… Nothing has changed…

That cvar doesn’t work in multiplayer.

Then I was right about that… so what about ragdoll fix in mp for ncp’s?