Serverside Flashlights?

I’ve been wondering if there’s any addon that kind of enables serverside flashlights? (eg. You can see the other players flashlights in the same way you see yours) And if there isn’t, any idea if anybody is making one/is going to make one? I know it’s probably not exactly easy to do it, but it’d be appreciated to know something about this. Also sorry if it’s the wrong section.

I thought flashlights could already be seen by other players? It used to be a running joke on a server I went to that utilized a spectator system, but the spectators could still use all the entities in the world (whatthefuckjustcausedthatdoortoopen) and everyone could see their flashlights.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

He means everyone can see the actual light that the player models are shining, and not just the glitchy effect.

If it was serverside, it’d cause framerate lag as well as internet lag (if you have a weak connection)

This. Also digigamer, I’m pretty sure lots of today’s computers could run it without lag, also many connections.

this could be done entirely clientside except for an on/off bool operator that also returns the player object of that player in question

which could also give clients with slower PC’s the ability to turn it off if they so pleased
uh. if you wanted to do this you could look at one of the “weapon on back” scripts on to learn how to make things follow a players bone, stuff like that

It’s not too hard, is it?
Thought it was just finding a bone and setting an attachment.

some people find entities pace behind the bone if you do that and prefer to make it clientside and update it’s position every frame

which has surprisingly few performance drawbacks from as awful as that sounds