Serverside Installed Game Listing

Is there a way to tell which games are installed correctly on my GMod 13 dedicated server? I just spent part of the day downloading most of the games that are mountable, and I’m wondering if I got the directory structure for each game correct.

In GMod 12 there’d be a list of games that were installed on console startup. Looking for something similar in GMod 13


There is a lua function to check if a game is installed or not. Just take a look at the wiki. Probably a way to loop trough them and output if it’s installed or not.

Going to check out the wiki, and I’ll try scripting something using the function you suggested

Are there any known lists of the correct directory placement of mountable GMod games? I’ve googled, and haven’t found much.

I know for a fact that CSS needs to be manually moved to the orangebox directory for example

Mounted content:

Mountable content (each name value is the directory inside orangebox)

Hopefully there aren’t any things I’m missing in the .lua file. Tried this script:

PrintTable( GetMountableContent() )

It produces this error with both mountable and mounted functions:

Lua Error: [lua\mounted.lua:1] attempt to call global 'GetMountableContent' (a nil value)

This is in gmod 13 update 24

Best is to report this to the corresponding forums. Garry won’t look in here :wink: