(Serverside Mod Developement) Opening Steam Browser for a specific player?

Hello. I would like to be able to open up the steam browser for a specific person onto a specific webpage.
I’ve found:
but that seems to be something which should be called client side.
is it possible somehow? If not, I would appreciate if the abillity to do that could be added.

  • LaserHydra (Oxide Plugin Developer)

As long as it has a hard coded timer so servers can’t spam it.

who talked about spamming something lol - what timer?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean… you want to force a player to open another player’s steam profile via a plugin?

No not really a steam profile, but any website. Yes I want to force a player to open up the steam browser with a specific webpage

Ah, I see. I don’t think that’s possible. It would be pretty damn cool if it was though, would allow plugins to pop webpages.

thats why I requested it here too. Im not on the facepunch forums often. Is here something like a requests forum?

Nope just this… Garry does peek in here once in a while…

any way to make it pop up for him a little more? ^^

This is a terrible idea. The security risks associated are astounding.

and personally i don’t play on servers that force MOTD advertising crap on me in tf2. pretty sure i would do the same in this case.

AH! That comment opened a lightbulb.

Laser, what if you used a php file as an image source (in a GUI) that returns the file but also kicks a popup? I have no idea how Rust will handle a popup request, but it’s worth a try. From what I understand the GUI is html in Rust, so there’s a slight chance it might work (and get patched the next day once they realize you are doing this, lol :P).