Serverside music player

Is there any sort of server side music player available? Like the one in sassilization? That everyone can hear on the server?

Like I dont need one as advanced obviously because sassilization is this huge group but I mean like a small one, that can stream music off urls (eg Like off youtube or whatever)

This is for a build server and its something that would really keep people interested I think.

Is there any hope for this at all? Or is this something really really advanced that needs its own site to store music and stuff?

Any help would be GREAT since I love listening to music and stuff. Cheers!!! Thanks!

Streaming off youtube without much work will crash 50% of your clients. You need to mess around with it quite alot.

So is there a addon already made or is this something I’d have to code myself (aka not going to happen lol. cant code at all)


Any help guys? Would be very grateful for some suggestions. Like to be honest I’m sure there is probably a ton of threads about this but I can’t find them. Does MuseX or GMOD mp3 work? I want everyone on the server to hear it and I can’t find anything on the threads to tell me you can with either of them so just want some confirmation is all.


Something you would need to make yourself. I won’t be releasing mine; it was too much work and still pretty unstable (Adding songs lags the server for some reason :open_mouth: )

So MuseX or GMOD mp3 definitely wont work? Thats really weird I was sure someone would have released a script to do this

So someone worked hard on it and should release it? Strange way of thinking. It’s require more than just gmod server. You’ll need fast webserver and some other things

ps this is 3rd thread about serverside music players in this month…

I really need to get around to finishing SPALL, that’ll do proper streaming audio. Need to wait on a working version of gm_bass, though.

gm_bass works…

Ok I found something which is LIKE what I want. Youtubeplayer (… Is there any addon thats LIKE that but is just for listening to music? And is alot less mess then me having to noclip over to the screen and input the url…

I am looking for something that streams music in-game serverside but would allow me to stick in urls in the file so could just select them in-game, hopefully with a actually proper menu then this screen.

Something like this would be just amazing!

Please any help would be great. I’m not lazy I search all the time for stuff but don’t really know anything like it. Has to be SOMETHING tho?

And for the record this link ( is KINDA what i want except serverside and WITHOUT the video. Since thats what lowers the FPS I dont want it as its only music i want anyway… I would edit the code or whatever but I’m clueless… Could some amazing person be nice enough to do it for me?


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