Serverside or Clientside

Which one is it because I need help figuring it out because I want to either re-install gmod or my server!

Everyone else can see them they dont have errors I do.

Oh boy, instead of reading some lame thread we even got a video!

You don’t have CSS or anything mounted. Go to the Garry’s Mod menu, go to settings and make sure you mount all games available.

Missing textures and models. Maybe you don’t have episode 2 or some other source game.

Do you own a legal copy of GMod?

Can you explain. I dont see that in my menu?

I own Portal, TF2, CS:S,HL2 EP2, DOD:S, Synergy.

Yes I bought it off steam. It worked before the update.

When you launch garry’s mod, you see the main menu. There should be an option like: GMod Settings or Settings or Add-Ons? Go there and look for “Content”. There you will see a list of games you own. Check the little box behind them all.

Its Extensions > Content

Fixed, Thank you very much D: