ServerSide Spawn Menus

Just wondering if anyone had an idea as to how you could remove all the current model category’s in the spawn menu, and add your own, serverside?

You’d create a derma menu that well… Spawned things, in a way similar to the spawn menu currently, then I believe theres a hook, something like PlayerSpawnMenu (called whenever spawn menu is opened) and you can hook YOUR menu to it, overriding the default.

but then comes the whole problem of making an entire new derma menu with spawn functions for each item ect. i know stranded did it, i just have no idea how.

Well, you would make the DFrame, a table full of props, use a for loop to add a SpawnIcon for each prop, then set each SpawnIcon’s click function to spawn the prop at the users EyeTrace.

It’d be relatively simple, if you want help, add me on steam, user is diss4life