Serverwide sounds.

Hey guys I administrate a DarkRP on Garry’s mod. We have been having a big issue and cannot find the source of it, or how to fix it. Someone attempts to play many sounds at once causing the server to lag (Freezing for about 5 seconds at a time or more), and we have honestly no clue what it’s from.(it spams our console ~ with sound errors loading in sounds that aren’t found. We also think that they can rename the sounds to send us messages) We disabled Wiremod completely and the problem still persists. We aren’t sure if the person causing this to happen is hacking or they are exploiting. Please help us get to the bottom of this so that the server can get back to normal and not be constantly lagging because of ignorant people.

EDIT Here is a picture of what console looks like right after the lag spike ends

-Thanks for taking your time in reading this and hopefully we can come up with a solution soon enough.

Bump, please help us!

List all of your addons.

Other than those we got some CoderHire stuff.

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Also notice what some of these “errors” are saying.

“iamyorking.wav” <- Yorking: the act of blocking, ignoring, or refusing to talk to you, and not giving any explanation or cause whatsoever. The act of being a lousy friend. OR he meant -I am your king- (we are under his control).
“wiremod\wasnttheproblem.wav” <-This error only showed up after we removed wiremod from the server, we thought it was the cause of these.
“siege\leedle.wav” <- Possible group doing this to us?

We think its a group targeting us, we were targeted by other groups before who had DDoSed our server to the point where our host had to “put a null” on our server for 48 hours.

It would be great if we could get help here soon, our server population is slowly declining due to these attacks.

resource.AddWorkshop for all your addons that has any custom models, materials, sound, particles, fonts or maps.

Sorry, didn’t notice that the sound paths were actually trying to give you a message, seems fairly obvious now after you said that the “wiremod/wasnttheproblem.wav” only came up after you removed Wiremod.

I believe you may have a malicious script on your server; check your LUA folder for anything ‘out of place’, especially the autorun folder.

Do you have anything off of steam workshop, and if so then list them here too. If you have rcon then I reccomend disabling the password also.

We just found the users who were doing this to us, after we banned them this stopped happening.

Situation resolved. Thanks for the help!

Did you actually find the cause of the problem though?
If you didn’t, then who is to say that another bunch of users won’t use the same exploit.

Its fixed.