Hi everybody rust players :

I coming to you to present our new server PRO !

This server include all oxide mods and other available.
We’re actualy in path to finish the safe Zone, arena, etc…

Im a lot connected admin and we are doing all we can for the beginers players and pro to give them playing pleasure on ou server.

This is a 250 slots server and actual mods are :

  • Doorsharing with your friends
  • Community invite system with white listing newcomming players
  • Private messaging players
  • Upcomming message on server login

So we have made a safe zone :
Zone where noobs can cook, melt and trade or communicate in a fair play way and safely.

An arena is up to make PVP where you can fight and level your combat skill and aim skill.

This is the server infos :

More infos on our forum and pictures waiting you.

Im waiting you and wish you come test this server.
Dont hesitate because last community on our last server was cheers to play with us.

See you in game !