Service or program that makes things in hammer turn into props?

I am fully aware of propper. The reason I cannot use it is because the tutorial for it has me quite confused, so unless someone can provide a more 5-year-old-can-follow-it type tutorial.

I was wondering if there were any straight-forward things out there that could? Or maybe if someone could set something up that you just send a file in, ask what you want it to be (I want it to be sized by 481428148941841248%, or I want it as a shrink-wrapped hitbox prop etc).

I know this sounds, quite frankly, stupid and time costing, but if someone could provide a much easier to understand tutorial of propper that would be great. I used to be able to use it, but when the guy updated it, he changed how it worked, and I cannot get it to work properly anymore. Especially now that source SDK is broken in Steam and I have to manually open a hammer.exe file from within TF2’s folders to use the ep2 settings.

There are no other alternatives to propper. Try this guide

The only other options really is to use export to DXF and bring it into a modeling program, which i’m pretty sure UV maps aren’t created and the normals are flipped. (at least they were for me)

Actually, there is an alternative to propper.

However, I don’t know how to make collision models with it. Maybe you’ll find out!

Thanks for the tips, I’ll take a proper look into that guide Gamedev. I’ll also have a read into that alternative, though if able, I’ll try and stick to propper. Making detailed train tracks is a pain when you have to keep remaking them :frowning:

Oh fuck are you serious? I had no idea this existed

Heh. I guess that I’ll make a topic about it then. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be highly useful. I could give it a try as well.

you could just do the collision with clip brushes

However, shooting it won’t make bullet holes and proper sounds, that’s the main problem. :stuck_out_tongue: