Servidores Oficiales Españoles

Many of us Spanish players NEED A Server That oficial.Creo scammers THIS MESSAGE speak for all my colleagues and UN Spanish NEED Server … least one
Thanks and hope That We Hear Petitions!

This is an english forum mate.

Aqui tienes la direccion IP del server ESP no oficial, claro:

En la ventana principal del juego pulsa F1 --> ESCRIBE: net.connect --> ENTER.

Estamos la gran mayoria de nosotros, un saludo!

I’m playing on a server called Spanish server. and the truth is the best server we have Spanish.
Therefore I would like this same server or a new one created officially for Spain.

You should have posted this on the server subforum, anyway, this is another spanish server:
[ES] Comunidad Hispana Rust

You can’t turn a community server into an official one, even less in the case of server, they just ban every skilled player :confused:

But, having a new official server hosted by Facepunch, that would be nice.