Sestze has removed AD2 from GGG

just warning you. sestze thinks it’s AD2’s fault the server is unstable even though the issue cannot be reproduced anywhere else. Your saves are still there but you can’t get them.

he’s testing it without it, but knowing him he’ll never put it back, as he thinks AD1 is perfect and works “just fine.”

what’s ggg and why should we care

it’s a large server cluster. if you aren’t a part of GGG, ignore this.

Damn. Had it sort of coming though, Ses doesn’t seem like too much of a fan of Adv_dupe2. Also Foran is probably going to have a hard time explaining it for the community. He said that it would first be removed in weeks so we’d have plenty of time to download our stuff. Poor Max and probably a lot of other people sit around with their dupes on GGG.
Will we see a place where we can download the dupes we had there?

Foran has stated he doesn’t give a shit.

Odaha, neat. Oh well, back to using the beat up horse named adv_dupe1.

Nah, just go play on waxx’s server

IP please, you sexy beast. Also did Ses try and give the error logs when the server crashed (apparently due to adv_dupe2) to TB? Guess it would help to see if adv_dupe2 was used seconds before a crash.

Why isn’t this on a forum on that server cluster instead of here.

Because not all of us goes to the forums but most of the people who are regulars on GGG visit FP. Also Baw, good idea just to ignore this thread if you aren’t a part of GGG.

Seems to me if the ultimate goal is to get Sestze to re-add AD2 the worst thing we can do is rant like this

Doubtful, from what I’ve seen when sestze is set on something, it’s going to be done

My older brother happens to own a custom server tower (which we’re actually dropping a power supply into tonight). At present it was designed to host minecraft, but considering its stats it should be able to handle gmod just fine in addition. I’ll ask him if he’d mind in case it really comes to that. Rented servers wont cut it.

Just so we’re clear, the average amount of crashes in a 4 hour period for GGG with adv dupe 2 was about 16-20 times. 6 Hours ago we removed adv dupe 2. Times server has crashed since then : 0

Also yeah, I am having trouble understanding why ses went and took it off without warning. I can’t really reinstate it now, and I DID in fact assure you guys it was going to be taken off at a much later date. Sorry about that. Anyone who wants their adv dupe 2 saves can message me on steam or here and I’ll package up the saves and send you yours. We didn’t delete them.

This man has a point.

Why do you guys act like if something got removed, its like the end of the world.

Not really a matter of simple removal of a useful tool. This is removal of adopted infrastructure. Not a problem before it was completely integrated, but now that it is its removal makes large waves. I still hold that its removal for testing makes perfect sense, and if it really is causing such great issues, keeping it off makes perfect sense. Having this thread in Gmod general strikes me as quite odd too, it doesn’t belong here. Then again, it doesn’t belong anywhere.

I think what’s chiefly being overlooked here is that this is a practical problem. There is no room for emotion on either side of this. This is a matter purely of cause and effect on all fronts. We have a problem of instability, we have to find the cause. We cannot find the cause without isolating it, even if that means causing more practical problems to the rest of us. At the end of this we can either isolate AD2 as the culprit and ideally fix it without removing it, or we can eliminate it as the culprit, and go on removing things until the server becomes stable. Refusing to re-add anything that has proven not the culprit or has been fixed out of some sort of personal spite or opinion would be foolish, even if to do so proves you wrong. I trust Sestze a little more than that.

Of course, I would be presumptuous to exempt anyone from the harsh effect of emotion, however irrational. It is a biological fact that we cannot escape. It could even be argued that emotion, too, is a practical problem as it deals solely in chemistry, but then we delve into philosophy and philosophy is also without weight in this situation. We all, including Sestze, would do well to distance ourselves from this issue. This is a practical conflict between lua code, lua code, and C++. Have we not more important things in our lives? Several weeks ago I flew my first cross country flight. During the takeoff roll from Palm Springs International, just before I hit rotation speed, I lost a magneto and most of my power. Had that happened several seconds later, once i was airborne and climbing it could have killed me or at least severely rended my airplane. In light of that, I have a lot of trouble identifying the removal of AD2 from GGG as anything of sufficient consequence to warrent emotion.

Even if Sestze refuses to re-add AD2, we are but presented with another practical problem. We have a community to maintain and a server with sufficient power to obtain for our sensitive building. Our lives and livelihood do not depend on Sestze or what decisions he makes. This is no matter of national politics. When presented with practical problems we must solve them, not whine about them.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I’ll be out of the loop around here for a few days to a week. I hope to see this resolved or at least being dealt with as what it is by the time I come back. Make me proud, GGG members. :v:

Damn you and your stark rationality.

Seszte, at least give us some way to access our dupes?

Send me a message on steam, and I’ll mediafire it for you, jeez. Foran has also agreed to do that as well.