"Set C4 on that BMP while I cover you."



Dat blur…

…is really strong.

Maybe they should clear the area before setting the c4 and if those baddies can’t see em, oh my there not smart

What model?

ddok your pictures were kind of good at first because being a talentless newbie was to be expected but seriously these are absolute shit

make something decent for once. christ.

then what is decent posing?

posing is alright but editing and general theme suck dicks

any talentless idiot can do posing

it’s your shitty editing that you are persistent on doing that makes me angry. you’re as bad as freeky thing.

i KNOW you can do better than this. stop screening layers and overlaying layers. this isn’t 2006’s SHEF. this is today. where once-then 12 year olds are now 16 year olds (But you’re still 12 so you’ll be as good as everyone else here in four years. plus that will give you time to learn english reading comprehension) and 16 year olds are smart enough these days to know right from wrong, whereas you just know about nothing


actually i take that back. the posing is terrible too. you tried to hide it by applying hideous amounts of blur but i see past your ploy.

you’re twelve so i doubt you can do better but judging how your previous works sucked far less than this did (but don’t get me wrong; they still sucked) you should probably revert to your old editing style or not bother editing at all

garry’s mod isn’t like starcraft. you just don’t post a thousand pictures and expect people to suck your dick. having to zerg blast the forums with your drivel of pictures won’t make you respectable. you just can’t take opium and then charge the american and south korean frontlines like your grandfather did and expect to be rewarded with praise. you have to work at it – something you aren’t doing.

My god, harsh but I agree with wat you said about the zerg and the blur.

Okay. Why don’t you chat on steam??

Good picture. Where did you get the A.V.A Sniper model?

Alright. Add me.



Posing on the left hand holding the C4 looks a little bit lazy. Thumb doesn’t seem to be holding the brick.

Also the default C4 eww but there are no replacements (coming soon :smug:)

I like posing, i like that blur. I don’t know why do people hate the picture. Yes, there is a logical mistake. Obviously placing a bomb while being in a crowd of enemies is idiotic… but i still like it.

why u ignored me?

hey bud what’s going on


stop posting fucking brown i told you to quit with the brown and add some colour

if your next picture is brown then i will do something you will not like. i haven’t decided what yet but you won’t like it

but brown is realistic don’t you know about realism

You’re one to talk.