Set fire to the thatched house

It would be nice to put that option.
Use the torch to a fire in thatched houses.
It would be a method for invasion.

I’ve suggested this before, and I’ve seen it come from others as well. I think the ability to set fire to wooden structures would be a useful tactic. There would be a very high chance of destroying everything in the structure, including boxes and items. This makes it meaningless as a raiding technique since the reward would be very small, but excellent as a self-defense mechanism (in the “if I can’t have it, nobody will” / scorched Earth realm). And while it could definitely be used as a griefing tool, it could easily be protected against by upgrading to stone, metal, or armored structures.

Not that I disagree, but what constitutes setting fire to your twig / wood structure? A camp fire or furnace inside said structure should already do that, yet it doesn’t. Why would a torch be able to do it, but not a camp fire that you use for heat and cooking?

While it could be an interesting addition to the game, I’d see it more as a built-in griefing tool than a useful feature.

Why would anybody build with wood then if all you had to do was light it up with a torch? Any Newman could run up and burn down a wooden house.

And torching twig structures seems pointless as well since no one keeps anything important at the twig level for very long.

This is an age-old question that I’ve been wondering about since legacy: how does having a campfire (let alone two campfires, a furnace, a sleeping bag, tons of animal fat, and tons of cloth) inside a wood shack not set the shack on fire? But you raise a good point – if arson was added, this logic would have to be addressed.

Definitely. The key here is that this can be avoided by upgrading to stone, which is pretty easy right now.

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Right now all I have to do is hit a twig structure three times with a rock and I’m in. Or I have to spend about two minutes realtime hitting it with a pickaxe. Wood anything isn’t really secure right now, regardless of arson. Arson just introduces the ability to deny raiders their loot if someone comes after you while you’re home.

And I still see people building vast stone / metal / armor buildings on twig / wood foundations, so there’s a larger issue at play here.

With the current mechanics I see no reason why we can not have arson as a feature. The fact that camp fires and furnaces do not set buildings on fire is not such a great lapse from reality as many other things in game atm. (Respawning trees and stones. Barrels and air drops.)

Yeah, it’s a balancing act between plausibility, playability, and realism. Waiting years of gametime for trees to respawn isn’t exactly fun, but neither is getting the same mount of wood from a sapling as a 100-year-old massive tree. Sometimes you just have to let reality slide and say “because Rust”.