Set Infinite Ammo on Clip1 ?

I try to learn by myself but I just need a little hint about how to modify the Clip1() and to set it to infinite.

Any idea ?


Oh Off topic… what happened to the search function I need it to not ask question already here !?

set it to -1
(almost sure)

Yep, it’s -1.

Oops sorry I made a mistake on my explanation about the ammo, not in swep but for derma.

So you want Infinite ammo in a derma window?

yep but I mean controlled my a checkbox when is checked and stuck on 255 ammo.

I believe someone was exploiting it or it was just messed up because it seems to have been the reason FP kept going down.

I found, I tell it for the others : it’s with wep:SetClip1() and not Clip1()

Thanks :slight_smile: