Set No Model for a nextbot

I need an entity that has access to some of the Nextbot functions, but i don’t want to set a model for it. Is there a way to do that?

Note: i don’t want to make a model invisible, i want to be able to not have a model at all.

What’s the difference between an invisible model and no model?

No, you have to make it invisible

Trying to attach a bot entity to another bot, but every model’s collision boundaries are too big, and it blocks the parent bot’s movement if it needs to move, and trying to change collision boundaries, collision group, solidity, or parent settings doesn’t seem to allow my bot to move.
So i’m trying to have no model at all to circumvent this

What about a model that doesn’t have a physics mesh? Like an effect or something. Something tells me it isn’t a problem with the model though, but I’ve never tried this so idk.

Or you could simple change the collision group?