Set npc health? (and combine squads)

I am trying to make a custom map/mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 where you play as a combine, all is going mostly well… except for setting npc’s health.
I’m trying to make combines and other npcs have more health or less health, and I cant seem to do that (e.g. I want some combines to be as powerful as players but not all of them)
Also, I heard the player’s squad is player_squad i tried putting that on to the combine’s squad thing and they dont follow me or cover me etc. how they would act to if an npc was in their squad!
Please help, thanks.

combine are coded to attack you

i think theres a smartedit option for npcs to determine their health, or at least how much damage theyve taken

What do you mean by ‘smart edit’ and I know they are meant to attack you :p…
Oh and also they did that in the Combine Destiny mod…

when you open the options menu of an entity the main display is smartedit

that mod must have custom programming to make the combine work on your side

Wow you really reply fast :o
Also I don’t see anything that says ‘Health’

SetHealth x

and 4 minutes isnt really that fast

Nah, you can set combine up to be freindly to the player using an ai_relationship.

They won’t use squad commands though.

Make them rebels, name them and set their models to be combine. Then use ai_relationship to set their relationships to other rebels and stuff.