Set of suggestions

  1. lockers in safe towns:
  • there are two types of slots: 1 slot for scrap, 12 slots for anything else. Players should pay scrap to keep staff in the locker: 10 mins of the game require ~10 scraps. Otherwise, the locker will be open for everybody or loot could be respawned.
    Why not use a small stash? It is safer to use a locker especially if you have to run to fight from a safe zone. Or if there are a lot of campers who want to kill you when you leave a safe zone. You can use the locker, and come back later to take your loot
  1. armband or chevron armband
    something that could be customized for team players
  2. electric transport: quadricycles, vehicles
  1. Each crafted item contains owner information like a dress label
    So, you can see who produced the item that you found/take: nick or something more (for example, location: Q12)
  1. this brings +100 hp for door