set pac items

I want it so when you press “E” on the entity it would place the let’s say mask on your playermodel. Would I just do the pac code in the ENT:Use() function like this:

function ENT:Use( activator, caller )
        ["children"] = {
["self"] = {
	["Angles"] = Angle(7.5633411407471, -91.422164916992, -98.464508056641),
	["Position"] = Vector(2.0482177734375, -2.689453125, 0.21923828125),
	["ClassName"] = "model",
	["Model"] = "models/Gibs/HGIBS.mdl",
	["UniqueID"] = "3283091211",


You need to address who and what happens if the Player ( Caller ) presses “E” on the NPC.

Yas, you need to “wear and create” objects
and why not, notify the player that he’s wearing a hat.

So it would work? Or would he need to address the caller? I am confused and interested also.

Ok, I got the if statement right, but what do I do for him to actually equip it?