Set Pointshop points of all People at the beginning of a round

Hello everyone,
does anyone know a script that automaticly sets the Pointshop points of everyone on the server to “x” at the beginning of a round (TTT)
I think it is a simple script but I dont know the hooks etc.

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What have you tried so far?

<- Bad coder

if Server then
local ply = LocalPlayer()
if TTTPrepareRound then

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Forgot one “end”

No offense but that just looks like some rough psuedo code you threw up. Have you actually attempted to do this?

Half heartetdly cause I know that I wont be able to code it myself ^^

So mainly it sounds like you’re wanting someone to code it for you instead, correct?

Well if I could try hours to maybe do it myself, but Im pretty sure the code is very short so I tried asking someone here ^^

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Got’cha, well it’s simple but this subforum is mainly used to get coding help, not so much a request section.

[lua]hook.Add(‘TTTBeginRound’, ‘pointshop_set_ttt_points’, function()
local requestedPoints = 30
for k, v in ipairs(players.GetAll()) do

I’m currently at work so I whipped this up really quick, but it should be right-ish.

If you want it to do it during PrepareRound instead of BeginRound use TTTPrepareRound.

Here’s a list of TTT Hooks -

Here’s the Pointshop Documentation -

Thanks man :slight_smile:
Where should I ask as a code newbie?

You really don’t to be honest, you should focus on learning in this subforum. I’m not sure what’s a good place to ask for “free” code.

Okay ^^
Thanks for helping either way, imma try to do the rest of the code.

Btw. didnt watch Dragon Maid yet but i still love the gif :smiley: