Set the fog location start instead of using the position of LocalPlayer()?

I was working on my Battle Royale gamemode by messing around with fog to make it more immersive and that’s when I noticed you could make the fog look just like the gas from H1Z1! (or better :smug:) The problem is that the fogs start location is based on the local player position, is there any way to set it to a special vector and change its position for everyone?

If not I will have to work something out that changes the fogs start and end location for everyone based on their position and view angle. (Which most likely would look like shit)

Please rate me Artistic for making this completely unnecessary image
comparing the different looks and wasting some of my life on it.

[DEL]Additional question: How do I get the skybox fog to work? I have tried using GM:SetupSkyFog but it wont work.[/DEL]
solved (used SetupSkyboxFog instead of SetupSkyFog)