Set the skin of the player?

Here comes the most newbie question you will ever read:

Well… You already guessed it.

If i change the player’s model to a prop, how do i set the skin of the player’s model? (the skin)

Works on both players and props.

Sorry, i’m making a weighted companion cube pill, so i added this under = {back = 40, z = 80}
PILL.model = Model("models/props/metal_box.mdl")
PILL.sounds = {
	attack = Sound("Zombie.Alert"),
	attackHit = Sound("Zombie.AttackHit"),
	attackMiss = Sound("Zombie.AttackMiss"),
	idle = Sound("")
PILL.speeds = {walking = 200, running = 400}

But it didn’t really work. Is there any other ways?