set trail on event :3 or something

sup :smiley:
Well i would like when it for my gamemode when somebody gets 5 kills he gets a fancy trail or glows :slight_smile:

i have this

Killstreak:AddStreak( 5, function(ply)

is the killstreak script i have right now :smiley:

what should i write instead of


How so many people miss this I will never know.

sory -.-

Since youโ€™re new you should get used to some of the things we donโ€™t do. Iโ€™ll probably get banned for this but itโ€™ll be worth it if you learn from it.

stop ;3 talking :smiley: like :slight_smile: this XD

but it boring to talk like this

Another tip, People expect proper grammar and orthography from you, otherwise they wonโ€™t take you seriously.

โ€œPโ€ in People should be lowercase. :v:

Oh come on, you saw that coming.