Set true/false var to player that calls certain command.

I want to be able to make sure a player has a true/false var assigned to them but only them. not the server or everyone on the server

function startworking()
	if #player.GetAll() > 1 then 
		if startWork == false then 
			startWork = true
			--else print("You are already working!")

		if startWork == true then

	elseif #player.GetAll() <= 1 then 
		print("Not enough players!")

and I figure for stop it would be the same thing in reverse. can someone point me in the right direction? thanks

You’re not assigning that variable to anyone… you’re just changing it if it was false

Also, you don’t need to do the == true check if you’re not using it for anything

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Also, rather than doing var == false you can just do !var

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Also, the ‘elseif’ statement isn’t really needed - you could just use ‘else’

Either use [lua]ply.variable = Whatever[/lua] Or use networked variables (I believe you want a true/false variable so SetNWBool should work)

Remember - Anything that you set on the client, be it LocalPlayer().variable or SetNWBool, will only be set on the client. Anything you want to access through the server and other players must be done through the server