Setback after setback [Somewhere in the Eastern front]

4 hours of posing lol.


Looks like half of them is duped.

Everyone was individually posed. But i guess they do look like they walk the same.

Yeah, walking schemes look pretty equal from one to each other, but it looks good, i like it.

It would have really helped if some of them were doing some simple actions, like coughing or scratching their head or something, it would have definitely made them all look less duped.

I like it! I agree that a lot of them look the same, but, it’s good!

Not saying you duped them all, don’t get me wrong. Just saying if you would have, or in this case they all look a little duped, simply changing bodygroups and simply make repose some of their legs, weapon height and like simkas said make them do small actions could really make it look a whole lot more interesting.

Other than that tho I like it.

The shadows aren’t crispy enough. In the original the shadows fit, but when you have such strong white light in the edited version, you would have stronger casting shadows.

Guess i’ll redo it with the criticism given, since i have like 7 saves of it.

I demand crispy shadows!!!

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Also, whatever happened to the really cool lightning you used to do? You sometimes really captured that part well. Do cool lightning.

Vacation happened :v: I have 2 other poses that i abandoned at the finishing touches because i couldn’t get the lighting i used to do.

You should frame it differently or at least add something interesting happening in the sky.

I know what you mean, i had a pose that i abandonded containing saruman running over frodo in a tesla while being chased by gimli in his tiny smartcar.

Still thinking about finishing that one some day.

^ Yep definitely duped

Why is the sky white?

Very nice man, keep it up.

Because of the fog i would assume. I used the Spec ops: the line skybox but i guess i made the fog too strong.

Nice work, are they retreating since they’re bringing the wounded with them?

Yeah. They are abandoning the base as seen behind them too.

At first i wanted to pose them as pows with american guards escorting them, but decided that the extra US ragdolls would take up space and obscure a lot of the germans walking so i went “fuck it” and gave them weapons.

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Wait shit. I forgot.

It’s my editing work fault.

Guess i should have isolated the sky when i was editing.