"SetBoneMatrix: Bone is unwriteable" spammed in console, but everything else works perfectly?

So i want to redraw the viewmodel(in a different material) in ViewModelDrawn hook, everything works perfectly expect this being spammed in the console:

SetBoneMatrix: Bone is unwriteable

Here’s what i used:

render.MaterialOverride( Material( "Models/Props_Combine/PortalBall001_Sheet" ) ) // exampley material
local vm = self.Owner:GetViewModel()
vm2 = ClientsideModel( vm:GetModel() )
vm2:SetNoDraw( true )
vm2:AddCallback( "BuildBonePositions",function( ent,num )
	for i = 0,vm:GetBoneCount() do
		// copy-paste bone matrixes lol
		local mat = vm:GetBoneMatrix( i )
		vm2:SetBoneMatrix( i,mat )
end )
render.MaterialOverride() // clear MaterialOverride so no conflicts is guaranteed.

is there any way to fix it?

You could’ve just set the material on the view model and call DrawModel() on the view model ( dont forget to reset the material after )

Crashes the game when DrawModel() is called on the view model on my end( but calling DrawModel() on the world model works )

Don’t call it from View Model drawing hook, or add safeguards.