SetColor() won't work?

Hi. I’m here with some more bugs of my new SENT for toybox. I’m trying to get the alpha of the ent to “fade” into nothing, to appear as, then fade back into totally visible. It doesn’t do anything. I use


self.Fade is originally 255, also the alpha value of the color of the entity. self.FadeVal is 0, so it should decrease all the way to 0 by 10. This function is also in the Think() function of the entity. For where the color is set, here’s what it is in the Initialize() function:


I used it in Think() too, but it didn’t work. I tested to make sure the colors worked by making all 4 color values completely random. Obviously, my entity flashed random colors and alphas. Please, help me. Thanks.

Make sure your ENT.Base is set to “base_anim”

It is.